You can already install on the Lumia Icon Builds of Windows 10 Mobile

Lumia-Icon-Windows-Phone-8-1Good news for all those who intend terminal Lumia Icon, since it does few days we announced, thanks to the release via Twitter Gabe Aul, head of the project Insider that the Lumia Icon soon to be available to receive updates through Windows Insider.

well, Microsoft the wait, though long it will be worthwhile, since since it is possible to install Windows 10 Mobile Preview in the Lumia Icon, thanks to a new release of Gabe Aul. So I encourage you to try it is very simple, we leave you with the instructions of the process below so that you can enjoy the compilations of Redstone.

  • The first thing is to go to the website of Windows Insider
  • Then click on Get Started, in the case of already be aimed simply tap Sign in
  • then you will need to enter your Microsoft account –e-mail–
  • Then you will receive a welcome message

yet still is not confirmed the arrival of Windows 10 Mobile to the Lumia Icon without the need of receiving compilations Insider. The next step would be that you should give Microsoft and end with the wait and controversy that has always surrounded a terminal very complete and competitive in their specifications, and that it’s still high-end. Then we leave you with some of the new features you’ll see in your Lumia with the latest builds of Windows 10 Mobile.

  • New feature, “Messages everywhere”, if we activate this new option you can send and receive text messages from our PC making use of the phone. All the messages that reach us the phone will also arrive to the PC, can read and respond directly without the need of touching the phone
  • Cortana is now available in more languages: French for Canada, Spanish in Mexico and Portuguese in Brazil. The voice input is also available in more languages
  • what’s New in the Phone application. We will find a new tab in the Phone app with indicators for missed call, call waiting, and voice mail
  • The Email app and Calendar we can disable the preview of text in a conversation. We can do that by entering Settings, Reading, and Conversation. Have also added the option to Move to junk e-mail within the context menu, simply press and hold an email. In the Calendar there is only an improvement, we can now advise that we will arrive late, for this you have added the button it will take in the interactive notification

¿do you Think that Microsoft will update the Lumia Icon to Windows 10 Mobile?

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