WhatsApp Beta gets an update, we’ll have the news!

WhatsApp Windows Phone 8.1WhatsApp has always been one of the most challenged in the Windows Phone store, because months ago it was an application in which missing many features that are found in other operating systems. Luckily the situation has change and that way as the instant messaging app most commonly used for months now that their developers have been involved and a lot with the Microsoft operating system so that is not discarded reaches a desktop application for Windows 10.

Today we bring you a new update for the application WhatsApp Beta and as you well know this Beta version is not available to all users, since this is a private Beta. The new update with version number 2.16.44, the improvements are focused on the design of the application. In the upper part of a conversation is displayed on the call button. Something really requested as currently the button is located to the side of the button attaching and emoticons with which it was relatively easy to make a typo and press the call.

Right next to the call button, the right-hand side we see at the end of the icon that shows the picture of our contact or group, although clicking on it still does not display the image. With this new redesign of the application will start to be more attractive and more visual than the currently available. In addition to “open” the keyboard to be able to write no longer disappears the name of the person or the group where you’re talking about.

WhatsApp Beta chatsMakes scant two days that also application Beta received a update with changes also in the design of the chats, by changing the position of the buttons, send, attach, and recording of voice notes. It is hoped that all these improvements come soon to the app public, as they will be well received by all the users as power put the silent mode on the chat and private group or choose more wallpapers default.

¿What do you think are the improvements of WhatsApp Beta with the latest updates?

Source | Nawzil