Upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7 and 8.1 will be free on the 29th of July

satya-nadella-windows-10If you have not yet updated to Windows 10 the time plays against you, very soon all the users of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 who have not upgraded and want to do it will have to pay. All those who have upgraded will continue to enjoy Windows 10 and receiving updates. So, you know, see thinking if upgrade or not.

The upgrade to Windows 10 will be free the 29th of July, from that day on, if you want to upgrade from Windows 7 or 8.1 you will have to pay. Currently the teams who have not updated have a tool that is called “Get Windows 10”, from there you can update. Now, on July 29, Microsoft will disable this tool and will no longer be possible to upgrade for free. Upgrade to Windows 10 will have will have a price of 119 dollars.

If finally you decide to upgrade we recommend you to check if all the programs that you normally use will work in Windows 10, also if all the hardware is supported. This you can do it from the tool “to Get Windows 10”, has an option that checks to see if the software and hardware of your computer is compatible.

All of this has been reported today by Microsoft, the Redmond of step have taken to say that Windows 10 is already installed on over 300 million computers. Month after month the new version of the operating system is gaining market share, now, the last month didn’t grow up with a lot of force, just 0.20% over the previous month.

At the end of April Windows 10 reached the one 14,35% market share, Windows 7 is left with the 48,79%, lost a to 3.10%. In the meantime, Windows XP continues to fall, currently has a 9,66%. If everything continues as it has up until now Windows 7 will continue to drop, and Windows 10 up.

Back to the main subject, in July if no delay will also release the update Anniversary, expect new features and a better optimization of the operating system. It also will come with some tools that will help teachers get going faster. In the notifications section and tiles, we will find some very cool enhancements.