The best exercises to do at menopause

Mujeres adultas haciendo YogaAt menopause, if you follow a proper diet and practice exercise regularly, you’ll be able to to keep your weight, to decrease the loss of bone mass and improve symptoms related to this change is normal and natural. Staying active is essential for good health. Do you feel like doing sports?

menopause is a stage in the life of the woman that not only involves physical changes (vaginal atrophy and vulvar, reduction of ovaries and uteri, decreased skin thickness, and bone density, dryness and loss of elasticity) but also emotional (depression, stress, anxiety). If you exercise regularly and you do a proper diet, avoiding also the consumption of alcoholic drinks and tobacco, you’ll be able to maintain the figure, control weight, and to improve various symptoms associated with the menopause as for example insomnia, hot flashes, and irritability.

although, the benefits of physical activity are seen at all times, after a certain age it is important to stay active to decrease the disorders related to the aging process and, also, the menopause, affects the self-esteem, due to the loss of reproductive capacity, among other factors.

Benefits of exercise during menopause

Abdominales oblicuosAs well discussed above, physical exercise helps to control weight, as during menopause fat accumulates and, in general, this lies in the abdominal area. To avoid those love handles unsightly, it is necessary to practice exercise for at least 30 minutes a day, five times a week, according to the World Health Organization.

Also prevents osteoporosis, since the loss of bone mass begins in the third age, but is accentuated during menopause. Resistance exercises such as elastic bands, weights and rowing machines, increase muscle mass, improve bone health, blood circulation and venous return, which helps to prevent varicose veins in the legs and in other areas of the body.

on the other hand, improves lung capacity, reduces insulin resistance, facilitates intestinal mobility, helps you sleep better, increases coordination, agility, and reflexes, and even positively affects the mood, preventing stress disorders, anxiety, depression, etc.

Exercises indicated in the menopause

Aprendiendo YogaThe exercise is most appropriate for menopause should be the one that is suited to the age and the physical conditions of the woman who will carry it out. Swimming, walking, Yoga, Pilates, Chi Kung (Qi Gong) or Tai Chi, are within the reach of everyone and are very healthy.

at The beginning you start small with 30-minute sessions at least three times a week and, then, go increasing gradually the time and intensity of the exercises. Running with low intensity moderate, ride a bike, dance, do sit-ups and fast runs of short duration, they are also indicated for the menopause.

always Remember performing a pre-warming up of 10 minutes before starting the exercise to avoid injury, and consult with your doctor, especially if you are a person that is sedentary or if you are overweight, or suffer from any chronic disease.

The sport in addition to being good for the health, stimulates the release of endorphins, substances that are generated in the brain and which produce pleasant sensations and pleasant, acting positively on mood.