Teenage girls drop out of the sport for this reason

Chica avergonzadaStop doing sport, it is a fact that occurs to produce for several reasons. One of them is the boredom of not being motivated to continue. Find a ‘dance partner’ or to use the best music to train would be good options. Another of the reasons that lead us to abandon the physical exercise are the lesions, which produce an extreme fear in certain persons by the prospect of returning to cause the same damage in the future. However, in adolescence, and especially in the field of women, there’s a reason pretty absurd that the young people leave the sport activity of the night to the morning.

At puberty, changes in hormone level are brutal. children begin to feel sexual desire and to notice certain physical changes in your body. For his part, the girls also have to experience some evolution in your body, such as the mammary glands. However, there are young people that these changes come with haste, which is a serious problem for them and for their personal image in front of the rest of society. The growth of the breasts at this age can cause a increase in the number of girls who drop out both sports in the institute/university as well as the fact of going to some classes in the gym.

Colgando las zapatillasA study published in the Journal of Adolescent Health shows that girls tend to start to stop doing sports and skipping your gym workouts in puberty for two main reasons, the few that are absurd: the development of her breasts and the attitude of other girls in front of this development. In the study, participated 2.089 girls between 11 and 18 years. Were surveyed by researchers from the University of Portsmouth (England). What they found was something that almost everyone knew, but perhaps the alarming fact that we didn’t have: about 75% of the girls cited, as one of their concerns for not do sport, to your breasts.

They said that their breasts were either too large or too small. In both cases, agreed with decorum to the locker room by the fact of having to show your breasts to other girls when changing or showering. This clearly shows us the need of an education of a special type in puberty when it comes to breasts and sport. An overwhelming 90% of the girls surveyed said that they wanted to know more about the breasts and nearly half of them wanted to learn more about sports bras and about the consequences of doing sport with some breasts bulky. Only 10% of them said that they had already a bra of this type.

Thus, both Physical Education, which is not a subject either, as Natural Sciences, should join forces and enforce the multidisciplinarity in all center educational should have. Issues such as health, hygiene, body care and development in the age of puberty (boys and girls), should stop being a taboo subject in the educational society since. So much so that our adolescents to continue doing sports as to avoid any discrimination towards each other in these ages, when usually occur the greater distances between friends.