Parma Video Player receives an update, now has a music player and more

Parma video playerIn Windows Phone 8.1 there are not many media players, the most complete is undoubtedly MolePlayer Pro followed by VLC. Luckily in Windows 10 Mobile it looks like they are coming out more and more alternatives, one of them would be Parma Video Player, a universal application you can also download the users of Windows 10 –PC– and tablets.

Parma Video Player has received a update with several improvements, a very important. It is worth remembering that the app is free and is translated in several languages: English, Arabic, Turkish, and Spanish. If the player that comes standard with Windows 10 Mobile doesn’t convince you can always try Parma Video Player.

These are the what’s new in version

  • Added music player

  • you Can play music and video in the background on the desktop version and tablets

  • The search algorithms have been changed, now finds files up to 12 times faster than before

  • Supports MP3, WAV, AAC, AMR, AC3, and FLAC

  • The desktop version has been optimized

  • Changes in the user interface

  • Correction of errors

The app is much more complete thanks to the music player that have been implemented. Parma Video Player supports subtitles .srt, and its interface is designed for touch screens, is easy to use. Has all controls to hand: volume, add subtitles, navigate through folders, and much more.

¿What offers Parma Video Player?

  • Allows you to find all of the videos that you have on the computer

  • Supports swipe

  • Supports the majority of formats

  • Allows you to move forward or backward in the playlist

  • continuous Playback

  • Playing a video file of a specific folder

  • Browse through the list of playback while watching a movie

  • very user-friendly Interface

  • Supports subtitles

  • Supports video in streaming

If you want to try a media player other than here you have one which is quite good, Parma Video Player. Still have things to improve, the user interface could be better, is too simple. Sure in future updates the developers surprise us.

Download Parma Video Player