Microsoft Lumia 650, our analysis in video of a low range with a touch of premium

Análisis al último gama de entrada de MicrosoftSo here we have it, the expected analysis in the video of a terminal that you love it or hate, we are talking about the Microsoft Lumia 650. We’ll see if it is really worth, how about your performance and much more. If we take into account the technical specifications is a terminal of the low range, but then you have the price of a terminal mid-range. Now yes, let’s get to the important, the analysis.

Analysis in video

Lumia 650 178,00 € BUY
PVP 229,00 €

Design and dimensions

The first thing that catches the attention of the Lumia 650 is the design, much more attractive than the new Lumia high-end. Although if we compare it with the rest of terminals Lumia the truth is that neither outstanding too, especially with the Lumia 930 and 830.

metal edge gives you a touch of high-end, in the hand it feels very lightweight and is not stop less. It is a terminal very thin, at 6.9 mm, has a weight of only 122 grams. As for the rest of its dimensions are 142 mm high x 70.9 mm wide.

The Lumia 650 is manufactured in polycarbonate, which is neither more nor less than of good quality plastic, although in the case of this Lumia 650 tracks are marked very easily. The housing can be easily removed. In this way we find that its battery is removable and it also has an input for a microSD.

Lumia 650, Lumia 830 y Lumia 640


The screen I was delighted, it looks very good and occupies 67% of the front of the device. Has a size of 5 inches and HD resolution -1280×720–, this results in 297 dots per inch. With these dimensions we can play games, browse the Internet and watch videos without any problem.

Thanks to the OLED technology enjoy vivid colors, perhaps a bit saturated. This last is not a problem, it is possible to change the level of temperature and saturation from the color profile within the setup menu.

The experience is more than satisfactory, without a doubt, the screen is one of its strong points. Has a sharpness is more than correct, excellent viewing angles and a black to very deep, thanks to technology ClearBlack. Although there is one snag, you are missing a higher level of brightness in situations of a lot of light, now in the interior there is no penalty. The screen is protected with Corning Gorilla glass Glass 3.

Pantalla Lumia 650

Performance, operating system and connectivity

Up to here you have already proven that the Lumia 650 could pass as a terminal mid-range. However, it is in this section where we confirmed that it is a terminal-end low, as there is a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 212 quad core 1.3 GHz, accompanied in addition of 1 GB of RAM.

The processor gave a lot to talk about in your time, but be careful, the performance is not bad at all. After these days using it as my personal phone its performance was quite good, similar to its predecessor, the Lumia 640 and even the Nokia Lumia 830.

Open applications and switch between them by using the multi-tasking is not a problem, in general the experience was good, although it is true that on many occasions for every open WhastApp or Spotify I’ve encountered the frustrating message Loading or Resuming. And finally note that it is possible to play any game in the store of the app store, even to the titles of the most powerful, although the experience will not be obviously the same as with a terminal of a top range.

Parte trasera Lumia 650storage is something that Microsoft has improved compared to the Lumia 640, has 16 GB of memory, it is also possible to expand via microSD card up to 200 GB. The terminal comes standard with Windows 10 Mobile, the latest version of the mobile operating system certainly works very well on the Lumia 650.

Taking into account that your battery is of a lesser capacity to that of the Lumia 640, and also during the first few days I had a contradictory experience to make a use a little bit more intense to the terminal, I have to admit that it has complied. During the last few days and doing a moderate use of the device reached the end of the day without problems. And finally in terms of connectivity, it comes very well equipped, as it brings support networks 4G LTE, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.1, NFC, A-GLONASS, A-GPS and FM Radio.


The Lumia 650 is went on sale in Spain at the beginning of march, a few days after the end of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, which was the first occasion that we had to take a first look. If you are interested in the terminal you can buy it on Amazon from 197,26 euros. If you opt to buy it on Ebay you will find from 172,05 euros and in the Microsoft Store for a slightly higher price, $ 229.

Lumia 650 178,00 € BUY
PVP 229,00 €

Pantalla principal

Conclusions and evaluation


The Redmond have focused more on the Lumia 650 to companies and business as a option most basic and most economical compared to the current Lumia range high. That yes, without sacrificing a great design, thanks to high quality materials, a screen is spectacular and excellent performance, which is possibly due to that comes standard with Windows 10 Mobile.

Many users at the time of purchasing a new device looking for a good design and construction, leaving aside other aspects such as the hardware and the price. For them all, the Lumina 650 is a terminal very to keep in mind, for the rest of you may not even be worth it considering the price.

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