Microsoft HoloLens, these are its technical specifications

Minecraft en Hololensin late February, Microsoft opened the period of reservation of the Hololens, right now they are intended for developers that come with the SDK, in addition the price is really high, $ 3,000. It is still unknown the official launch and the price that will have to final consumers. The glasses have a lot of potential, we have been able to see in more of a demonstration.

Now, if you ever wondered what hardware carry in their interior, here is the answer. We finally have all the details –or almost– at the domestic level. The first thing that attracts attention is the processor, though 64-bit takes a Windows 10 32-bit. Applications have a memory limit of RAM to use, is 900 MB. The total RAM is 2 GB. In the section of the internal storage we find 64 GB.

Microsoft HoloLens MWC 2016


Features Microsoft HoloLens
operating System Windows 10 32 bit Build 11802.1033
Processor Intel Atom x5-Z8100 (64 bit) and 4-core 1.04 GHz (14 nm)
GPU HoloLens Graphics
Memory dedicated to video 114 MB
shared system Memory 980 MB
internal Storage 64 GB, 54,09 GB available
Limit of memory to be used by application 900 MB
Battery 16.500 mWh
photo Camera 2,4 megapixel, 2048×1152
video Camera 1,1-megapixel camera,1408×792. Record at 30 fps

Microsoft HoloLensThe size of applications can vary a lot, here you have the approximate size of some:

  • Galaxy Explorer Project, 139 MB

  • Young Conker, 433MB

  • RoboRaid, 155MB

  • Fragments, 892 MB

  • Skype, 50MB

  • 3D Viewer, 23MB

once you have installed the operating system available to about 54 GB, enough to store photos, videos, and apps. Has no slot for microSD cards. By the way, the Microsoft HoloLens are augmented reality goggles, not to be confused with virtual reality –HTC Live and Oculus Rift–.

In a device so it is very important to the battery life, if we take into account the size of the HoloLens, there’s no room for a battery of great capacity. Offers an autonomy of about 2 hours, it is not that much, hopefully this will improve with time, and in the version put on sale to the public at large is enhanced.