Microsoft Edge would include gestures in future updates

Microsoft Edge Windows 10 MobileMicrosoft Edge is a browser young, with only a few months of life, and it shows. And although it has interesting features over other browsers, and a performance in which itself can speak of you to you with Chrome and Firefox, still lags behind in some aspects. But Microsoft seems committed to improving it and incorporate all the desirable, so we already know that is going to support the desired extensions which have been key to the success of Chrome and Firefox. But, in addition, Microsoft is incorporating other functions, and we now know that the gestures for navigation are included in the Microsoft Edge.

users of Windows Phone 8.x, as well as desktop users of Windows 8.x, you already know and have tested this function in Internet Explorer. So, with a flick to the right or to the left, it was possible to go to the page back or forward page. It was a quick and convenient way to navigate in tablet mode and on the mobile, so we are sure that many users, when they discovered the Microsoft Edge, they missed that functionality.

it has Now been filtering a GIF, where is shown this operation.


But, this functionality is not going to remain only in the mobile devices. As we know, and thanks to the philosophy that there is only one Windows 10 for all devices, will come also to the version of Windows 10 for PC. It has also been able to see in a short video posted.

Since then it is a good news to see how the new applications, such as the Microsoft Edge, are brought up to date and they can compete with the best of you with other browsers. how Will other functionalities like the full-screen, absent Microsoft Edge? Will a navigation, to format tablet similar to the one we had with Internet Explorer in Windows 8.x? Do you miss the other functionality in the Microsoft Edge?