Know the advantages and disadvantages of the treadmill

Mujer en cinta de correrThe treadmill is one of the machines most popular to make exercise. However, although it has some striking features, you might be renouncing many of the other health benefits of great importance for any part of the exercise if the only thing you do is jog or walk on this machine. However, if you have one, you should not avoid it altogether if you spend a little time in it. Know what are their pros and cons.

Advantages and disadvantages of using the treadmill

RunningThe treadmill as a training tool, has several benefits, and while walking or running outdoors is ideal, to use the treadmill on very hot days or very cold, with wind or rain, it is definitely better than not doing any exercise. Although, it is not advised to use the treadmill or treadmill to make careers of high-density, if you can use it in your interval training. One of the advantages of the treadmill is that it is much healthier for your joints than running on hard pavement.

on the other hand, you can control the difficulty, to simulate an environment of personalized career and to increase the slope in machines which are much more modern. On the negative side, the treadmill could reduce agility, be boring and not work all of the muscles that are used when you run outdoors or do you use other machines.

however, you might consider walking backwards to put less stress and require less range of motion of your knee joint, especially if you have problems or knee injuries.

When you walk backwards you’ll be able to align the pelvis, open the joints of the spine and relieve lower back pains. To do this on a treadmill, simply stand on the side rails and make sure that you have a support bar to hold onto. Turn machine on and set a speed lower than what you normally wear when you walk up to the front.

interval Training on a treadmill

Dar variedad al entrenamiento en cintaIf you want to minimize some of the disadvantages that you mentioned the treadmill, performed an interval training by varying the intensity and by mixing walking and jogging. To begin with, walk with energy for a minute and, subsequently, make half a minute of trotting. After you perform a sprint, modified in just 15 seconds. Repeated four to eight times with a slow walk in the middle to be able to recover.

The best technique for jogging those 30 seconds, is leaning forward, keeping your muscles core tight and bouncing gently with the tip of the toes. For the sprint, raise your knees while you get the upper muscles of the body.

according To a study published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine, if you want to promote longevity and benefit your health, performs 150 to 450 minutes of moderate exercise per week, and can lower your risk of death from 30% onwards. Check out this post about tips for buying a treadmill and why it is important to have a hand.