It is possible to send Office documents with the latest update of WhatsApp Beta

WhatsApp-Windows-PhoneThis week WhatsApp Beta is getting many updates, the developers have just launched version 2.16.46. Don’t expect a lot of news, it is a minor update. If all of these improvements come from blow to the “official” version we will find many new features. Remember that the Beta is closed, only have access to some people because it requires invitation.

¿What brings new in version 2.16.46? it is Now possible to send Office documents that we have stored in our terminal, or OneDrive. This will endear you to many users who work with Office, very soon will be able to send your contacts files .doc and similar formats. It would be ideal to be able to send any type of file, but well, for something you start.

Yesterday WhatsApp Beta received version 2.16.44 with targeted improvements to the design of the application. The developers changed their position on the call button, something I have been asking for the users since a long time ago. The Beta is located in the upper part of a conversation, right next to the call button, the right-hand side we see at the end the icon that shows the picture of our contact or group, although when you click on it still does not show the image.

oie_6115357TpYLLcXralthough they are small changes, all together it adds up. We are confident that the next update of the “official” version of WhatsApp will come with many novelties. Let’s hope that in the short term the developers decided to make deeper changes in the user interface, is something that many users are asking.

If you have a terminal with Windows Phone 7 you remember something important, at the end of the year, WhatsApp will not receive any more updates for this version of the operating system. You can continue using WhatsApp as of now, although if the application fails for any reason the developers do not offer any support. Perhaps it is advisable to go changing device and buy one that has Windows 10 Mobile, always and when for you to WhatsApp is an application that is indispensable for the day-to-day.