Improve your endurance in a race with the method of the compression

Corredor con mediasThe vast majority of runners, at all levels (as the last winner of the olympic marathon, Shalane Flanagan), have recognized the use of compression stockings, sleeves, and pants on the day of the significant race. But, what these stockings do we have a better performance in a long distance race? And another question, what do that the body’s recovery be more rapid? A new and detailed study could be convinced that this is so. Whatever methods to improve as a runner, you will be well-received.

An article, published in the journal Sports Medicine, analyzed 30 other studies on the use of compression as a method added to the training in long-distance. The studies were referred to runners in distances from half marathon, 15K, 5K, and 10K, in addition to the races 400 metre sprint. The authors of the same concluded that, although the compression garments did not have a significant impact on the speed race, they produced one about the resistance, and led to some benefits post career. In particular, we found small positive effects in the depletion time, the economy in the race, the discharge of blood lactate, and muscle damage, and inflammation of the same. They also reported a severe reduction in pain post-race legs and a delay in the exhaustion of a muscle.

How to operate these items to achieve this?

Chica corredora con medias Basically, helps to improve blood flow to the heart from the legs while you exercise, which can increase cardiovascular performance. For the same reason, this type of stockings, sleeves, socks, etc to help keep all of the muscles and tissues with a feeling of comfort and stabilization optimal so that you don’t notice the clothes moving your site from one side to another during the race. In the long run, this could cause chaffing and severe muscle pain.

Depending on whether we use one method or another of resistance training, we will have a few added benefits of these extra items or not. The resistance is a basic physical capability that must be trained or yes for several reasons, regardless of whether we are preparing for a long race or for a marathon of Star Wars on the couch of house.

In this study have participated and argued about the expert cardiologists, athletes, and specialists in medicine vascular, so that we can be sure that they have a well-founded opinion on theoretical and practical knowledge. The muscle stabilization with these elements can help in the technique throughout the whole career of these magnitudes. Runners often neglect the way to the end of the races. When this happens, they begin to lose autonomy and management of oxygen. These stockings and magicians can counteract this depletion and give an extra boost to your resistance in the end of a hard test.