How to install applications on the SD card in Windows 10 Mobile

Tarjeta microSDbefore Nokia, as now Microsoft, have characterized their devices, Lumia for include in most of them the possibility of use the micro-SD card to expand the storage. It has even included models that would be considered high-end as the Lumia 1520, not just low-end computers in which it is something almost essential, because their storage is more limited.

And since Windows Phone 8.1, it is possible to use the micro-SD card to not only store photos, videos, music, etc., But also you can install applications, although there is always that keep in mind that the upload speed the more likely it is to suffer, especially if the micro-SD card is not high end. But who resists to be able to install a game that can occupy gigabytes of storage?

And, of course, in Windows 10 Mobile, that possibility remains, and today I want to tell you how to handle it.

Install applications on the SD card

Windows 10 Mobile, you can configure the default storage of photos, videos, music, downloads, and applications. So, we don’t have to worry about every view that we take a photo, download music, or install applications. We will know where will be installed. It does not have to be moving the files from one place to another.

To set it up just go to settings and then to system and finally to storage. There, in addition to seeing the occupation of the internal memory and the micro-SD card, you can specify each type of file where you want to save by default.

configurar almacenamiento predeterminado windows 10 mobileonce we make the change will need to be click on Apply for the change to be effective.

Move apps to the SD card or internal memory

But, what if we already have the application installed? can we make that is installed on another storage? Well, yes, although the application is installed, for example in the memory of the phone, we can move it to the micro-SD card without having to uninstall it.

To do this, simply go to settings, then to system and storage. Click on the location where the application (the phone or the SD card) and you will see the detail of the occupation. Click on Applications and you will get the list.

mover aplicacion a tarjeta sd o memoria interna windows 10 mobileWe look for the application that we want to move and click on it. You will see a button that indicates the option of moving, and when you click on it you will see the option of the SD card or the phone memory. The we choose and the phone will perform the operation, passing the application from one place to another. That is all.

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