How expiration of Facebook Beta for Windows 10 Mobile? What is coming soon to the universal version?

Facebook_Beta_messengerFacebook is a social network that most users have, and although their applications do not have a great fame for their consumption of data and battery, is usually one of the essential applications that many of us have on the mobile. On the platform of Windows Phone, and Windows 10 Mobile, Microsoft is the one who has been commissioned to develop and evolve the application, in the absence of the official app by Facebook. Something necessary for the platform, with a serious application problem, not had a lunge short.

In the store we can find two apps for Facebook of the hand of Microsoft. The official version, and that we can consider as the version in production, and beta, where, as usual new features are added for testing and may contain errors. Since we just found out that some users of the application Facebook Beta, after a recent update they are presented with a message indicating that the application is not up-to-date.

facebook-beta-please-uninstall-lumia640In the instructions it indicates that you uninstall the application, Beta, and install the version of Facebook (not the beta version) that is to be installed or available in the store. The message is not seen by all users (we just check in our terminals) so that it could simply be a failure of the application, or, we want to think that is the advancement of something better.

And is that a few days ago, we were able to check out as it reached the official version of Facebook to the store of Windows 10 for PC. A version already created and supported directly by Facebook, not by Microsoft. This notice could be directly related to the arrival of this application in the mobile world, leaving you to make sense of the application Beta developed by Microsoft. Forcing little people to have to use the official version, in order to prepare users to upgrade to the new application.

¿you Have installed the version Facebook Beta on your phone? Have you seen the message?