Do I have to pay for Windows 10 for PC if you reinstall them after the 29th of July?

Centro de Acción Windows 10Now that Microsoft has confirmed that the upgrade to Windows 10 will be paid from 29 July, overturning the hopes of some that were free forever, we are sure that some will have a number of questions. Not on the update itself, but once obtained and if we have to reinstall, , do we have to pay?

We will try to answer these questions, and if you have any other, do not hesitate to do so in the comments.

what’s New in the Windows activation 10

With the arrival of Windows 10, and with it a new philosophy that will be an operating system in constant improvement and upgrade, the method of activation of this operating system has changed. So, with Windows 10, it is not expected that there is a jump from version to Windows 11 or later. But the different updates loaded with improvements and new features will arrive free of charge to the equipment that supports it. Already, for just this reason, we believe that you deserve to try Windows 10, not only for what it offers right now, but to make sure they have the latest equipment and with all their potential taken advantage of.

As we say, the activation of Windows 10 has been changed. Let’s see the different situations:

  • Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 installed: when you upgrade to Windows 10 it will recognize the previous version installed and the operating system will be activated for that computer. The activation will be automatic without taking any action. Yes, we don’t get any product key to save or anything like that.

  • Installation of Windows 10 from scratch: in the process we can enter the serial number of Windows 10 if you’ve purchased or came with the product, or even, if we have a number of series of Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 before, of that computer, we can use it to activate Windows 10. If in the own step of installation is not recognized, you’ll be able to skip that step, and try to turn it on after Windows is installed 10.

In all of the steps, the activation of Windows 10 is associated to our team. So, in Microsoft stores an association linked to the serial number of the equipment and components with the activation.

One Cloudbook de Acer con Windows 10

¿And if I reinstall Windows 10?

If I already had Windows 10 installed on my computer and activated, if I reinstall Windows 10 should not present any problem for this activation. Let’s see the different situations:

  • I Reinstall from scratch the operating system to factory my computer (Windows 7 or Windows 8.1). The upgrade to Windows 10 will not be offered from July 29, but you can always do it by using the tool to do this, and when you install it you’ll be able to check how Windows 10 is turned on.

  • I Reinstall from scratch Windows 10, without passing by Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. For example, I want to do a clean reinstallation, or damage has been caused to the hard disk and I want to change it. No need to install the previous version of Windows, but I can install Windows 10 directly. In the step in which you requested the serial number, just skip it, and when you install Windows 10 and have an Internet connection, the operating system will activate without problem.

In summary, that the payment for the upgrade to Windows 10, only it would be for those computers that have never been installed or activated Windows 10.

¿should I update?

The truth, to not be that your computer does not support it, or you have a serious problem of operation, we believe that the upgrade to Windows 10 is recommended. For something as there are more than 300 million pcs with Windows 10. Is more, if the only thing that you take for back is to try it, or you don’t like, and you feel more comfortable with your current operating system, what I would say is that what instaléis and try, and in addition, so, if you have previously updated, and from July 29, it appears an update is in the end convincing to you, you will not have to pay for Windows 10.