Discover 5 ways to burn calories quickly

Formas quemar calorías most of The people try to lose weight to get the figure they craved. Sometimes, time is not enough to go to the gym. For this reason, then I’ll show you the best ways to get rid of some calories. So it is only a matter of putting in the batteries, and apply them to daily life, surely you’ll be on the healthy path. Take a look, sure you will not regret it.

Drinking water

The sed may be a little misleading, since it sometimes thinks it is hungry but in reality it is thirst. So opt for drink water when you think you have the urge to peck some food (12 almonds is equivalent to 100 kcal.) In addition, the water helps to be well hydrated. A research shows that drinking cold water can to increase the metabolism at rest to burn 50 Kcal additional per day.


to carry out domestic tasks is a good training. According to the Harvard Medical School, a person of 70Kg can burn easily more than 100 Kcal. when you perform 30 minutes of some of these activities: cleaning house 167 Kcal., move the furniture around 223 Kcal., playing with kids 149 Calories., shopping for food is 130 Kcal.

Run 2 km

The walking helps burn calories. So if you run 2 Km in 6 to 12 minutes you’ll be able to burn more than 100 Kcal. depending on the pace you take. On the other hand, if you walk 20 minutes you can burn 100 Kcal.


Simply put play music and triggers the body to achieve burn some extra calories. So if you have more members in the house don’t hesitate any longer and encourage them, so that with only 20 minutes dancing you’ll be able to lose a few pounds extras, and even you are going to tone the body.

Jump rope

The advantage of using a jump rope is that it can be stored in any bag, in the trunk of the car, in the desk drawer and when you have free time to jump for a while. A person of 654Kg can burn 100 kcal. in just 10 minutes when you jump rope.

Quemar caloríasKeep in mind that not only do a routine of exercises can help burn a few calories. it is best to try to apply these ways throughout the day to feel and look good. Without forgetting that a balanced diet is essential for maintaining a healthy body.