7 exercise of lower body that will improve your life in bed

PuenteOur train than it deserves separate mention. Hips, knees, ankles, calves, gastrocnemius, quadriceps, hamstrings, abductors, adductors… Are the major areas and muscles that we’re going to find us in the lower area of our body, which will support the vast majority of the weight during a great part of the day. At night, we need to give them a well deserved rest in bed. However, if we want the night to be something more naughty than usual, the bottom rail is an essential part to run any and all of the postures with the all do we fantasize about ever.

The experts in Yoga say that, taking a train than well worked at all levels, we will provide the development muscle and joint necessary to practice the love of the most satisfactory way possible. To have the pelvis well-articulated, thighs strong and flexible, and sufficient resistance cardiopulmonary to endure, increasingly, will be what is necessary. So we are going to show 7 exercises that will lead to your nights of mischief to another level.

Squat air

Sentadilla aérea as simple as performing a proper squat and on the rise, give a slight jump that we raise from the soil a few centimeters. Separating the feet a couple of feet away from each other, strong squeezes her one hand against the other at chest height, and began. Bring your ass as close to the ground as you can and take to the air with violence to make the leap. This exercise is one of the worst women’s running, so that you must look good in the technical correct.

  • 3 sets of 10 repetitions. Rest 40 seconds.


Dobladora The starting position will be standing with legs a little more open-minded than in the squat air. With peace of mind, we will go down, without bending knees, as much as we can until our body forms a kind of ‘V’ inverted, playing with both hands (if we can) the floor. We will keep it there for a few seconds until you return to get up to the starting position slowly, without impulsiveness.

  • 3 series of 10 deep breaths each.

Stretch dog

Perro we Will be forming a ‘V’ on the reverse in our body. In this case, our feet will be together, and the stretching of our lumbar spine will be more pronounced, as you can see in the picture. You should try to support both palms on the ground and keep it there for a few seconds. Uses a Yoga mat to not slip without intending it.

  • 3 series of 10 deep breaths each.

The dove

Paloma Since the posture of the dog Yoga, we will end up with the posture of the dove. It is lie face down on the floor, with both arms stretched above our head, and a single leg stretched backwards. Only one of the legs will remain bent, leaving the knee to the height of our chest. we’ll Stretch out the glutes and tensaremos the shoulders a good time.

  • 3 series of 10 deep breaths each.

The maja

Maja For those who do not know, Maja is a painting by the painter Francisco Goya. In this image, the girl made the same pose that the artist portrayed, with the severe difference of the motion that we give us today. It is lie on one of our flanks, with the head supported in one hand and with the elbow of that arm resting on the floor. Both legs must not be stretched at all, but slightly shrunken. The exercise consists in to separate and raise the knees by raising the leg that rests on the other, but only the knee (as in the image).

  • 3 series of 10 repetitions for each side. Without rest.

The bridge

Puente de glúteosThis is one of the exercises most used for working the glutes. Know the correct technique to run the bridge for buttocks, will be essential in your path by getting a spectacular ass for the summertime. The starting position will be lying on a mat or towel, with both arms resting on the ground. Legs bent with feet flat on the floor. It’s time to raise the hips, accompanying this movement, a slight elevation of the tips of the feet. We will end up forming a sort of ramp, from our neck down to the tip of the knees, and supported on both sides by shoulders-head and heels on the other end.

  • 3 series of 10 deep breaths in the highest part.


Estocadas With the good climate, which is, like to do outdoor exercise, and lunges are one of the best options. This type of exercise is easy and effective in the work of a buttocks of a heart attack. By this, we are going to look good in on various details. With hands on hips, take a step wide forward, bending both knees 90 degrees. The back knee should be as close to the ground, without touching.

  • 3 sets of 10 repetitions per leg. Without rest.

Your sexual life will be more simple after these 7 exercises. We will work the glutes, abductors, adductors, lower back, knees, and hips above the rest. Essential elements to perform all sorts of movements in the bed in those nights in which we like to be a little more unruly than usual.