3 yoga postures to do at the beach

Grupo de mujeres practicando Yoga en la playaYoga therapy is an eastern full of health benefits, both physical and mental, and spiritual. This activity can be practiced everywhere, whether at home, in the park, in the gym and on the beach. Why, then, I’ll let you 3 positions or asanas that you can do with your feet on the sand and enjoy that marvilloso scenario.

Posture of the dog upside down

Postura del perro boca abajo en la playaSit on your heels and walk your hands forward to be in position of four points of support. Now, supports the metatarsals on the floor and exerts pressure against the sand while you stretch your legs at the same time extend the arms. This way, you’ll be with your body an inverted V-shape. Drop the head between the arms to protect the lumbar area and avoid injuries.

downward facing Dog in 3 support

Perro boca abajo 3 apoyosit Starts from the child’s pose with the arms spaced at shoulder height and extended it forward. Lift the buttocks and form a right angle with your legs while you are to align yourself with the hands with the shoulders. Help with your feet to stretch your legs and take the ass up. Extend the arms and form an inverted V-shape. When you feel comfortable, varies the position of the downward-facing dog, by lifting one of your legs and estírala as shown in the image. Subsequently, lower and raise the other.

Position of the warrior I

Postura del guerrero I en la playaStand with the feet together at the end of the mat or yoga mat and gives you a large step backward with one of your legs while flexionas the front leg without the knee going beyond the toes. It is not necessary to support the heel of the back leg on the ground, because if you keep it up, you’ll be able to protect the lumbar area. Contract the buttocks and place the palms of the hands together at chest height. Inhale a deep breath and, subsequently, raises your arms above your head with palms together or separated and faced to end the position of the warrior I.

These 3 Yoga poses to help you relax your mind, eliminate stress, anxiety and release tension. Practice this routine on the beach with your eyes closed to enjoy the sound of the sea. If you want to know more positions like this, go to the category Yoga.